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What You Need To Consider When Visiting Singapore

Singapore, the well-developed city-state located in Southeast Asia, boasts of a rich historic culture and modernity. This beautiful Lion City is known for its skyscrapers, popular shopping culture, delicious cuisines and amazing night life. You have indeed made a right decision if this vacation you are planning to visit Singapore. Plan well to make your trip exciting and carefree in Singapore, but at the same time keep in mind the following points:

Prefer to visit food courts that are regulated by the government. Having your meals at these food centers is best if youâEUR(TM)re concerned about hygiene, health and budget all at once.

No doubt, Singapore has an affluent shopping culture yet better shop at the fixed-price stores, especially if you always avoid haggling over the prices. Bargaining is customary here, but it can be really annoying at times.

If you have the habit of frequently having chewing gum then better pack some youâEUR(TM)re your belongings before landing in Singapore. The sale of chewing gum is strictly forbidden in Singapore.

Stay away from counterfeits while shopping in Singapore. Chances are there that you might be fooled with fake items and then have problems with customs agents when you reach you homeland. Better be attentive and avoid counterfeits.

Prefer to use public transportation. And if you are planning to rent a car in Singapore then make sure that you drive on the left. Ensure that requisite documentation work is properly done as well as the labels are correct. Besides, you will have to get Electronic Road Pricing (UI) tag and Area Licensing Scheme (ALS) pass. Also, make sure that the tank is full with gas. You might be imposed with fine if the Singapore government finds that you have run out of gas on the boardwalk.

Remain cautious while expressing love in public place. You cannot kiss even on the cheek in a public place in Singapore. Also, a man is not supposed to initiate to shake hands with a woman unless she reaches out first.

DonâEUR(TM)t overreact if you encounter same-sex affection. In Singapore, you are likely to come across people of the same sex holding hands and behaving affectionately with one another. This is typically a social behavior, and not at all sexual.

Giving out tip is not regular in Singapore. And remember it is completely forbidden at the airport.

Just keep in mind the above mentioned points and have the best time of your life in Singapore âEUR" one of the finest cities in the world.

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