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How to Share Your Gourmet Snacks

You're having a party. Special gifts will be exchanged. Special occasions should be exactly that- special. The last thing you want to have is a group of unhappy, disgruntled and miserable guests. Of course , there's a way to make all your guests happy.

It turns out what we were taught in kindergarten matters. We're supposed to share our toys and we're supposed to share our gourmet snacks too! Everyone wins when gourmet snacks are shared. Your friends are happy and when your friends, guests and family are happy then you're happy.

How Not to Sure Your Gourmet Snacks

There's a certain way not to share your gourmet snacks. You don't take a plate only for yourself. You don't set out just enough snacks for you. You don't serve scraps or leftovers. You don't serve peanuts when your guests are allergic to nuts. The same goes with dairy. You don't serve milk and ice cream to a group of lactose intolerant folks.

You also don't set out just enough gourmet snacks for just one little serving. You don't share your gourmet snacks in cracked dishes, bowls or in plastic storage containers. There's a certain etiquette to sharing your gourmet snacks and it's a good idea to adhere to it.

How to Properly Sure Your Gourmet Snacks

So , you know how not to share your gourmet snacks. What then, is the proper way to share your gourmet snacks?

Think of your guests. The goal is to think of how your guests will enjoy the gourmet snacks. Imagine the types of plates they will use. Imagine how the gourmet snacks will be enjoyed along with the other perfect crunch snacks you'll serve.

Presentation matters. The presentation of your gourmet snacks matters. Serve your gourmet snacks on elegant formal plates. Make sure the silverware is supremely polished and the entire atmosphere is elegant in nature.

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