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Early Cancer Detection, Makes Cancer Treatment Affordable

Eighty percent of cancer patients in India are diagnosed at a late stage, when inspite of spending Rs. 5 lacs to 50 lacs on treatment, it is not possible to save them. Research and development by scientists and medical professionals has made it possible to detect cancer at an early stage, when it completely curable. The major challenge lies in making people aware that they themselves can be instrumental in detecting cancer by Monthly Self Examination and undergoing Annual Health Checkups which include Cancer Screening.
Sixty percent of common cancer can be detected at precancerous and early stage. When they are completely curable by spending nominal amount of money, in fact cancer treatment costs are only 10% in early cases, compared to 100% in late stages of cancers.

Cancer that can be detected by self examination are cancers of Breast, Testes, penis, oral Cavity and Skin. Cancer cervix can be detected at precancerous stage by a simple pap smear. Other cancer which can be detected early include prostate and rectum.

Availability of latest techniques of cancer diagnosis, integrated multimodality cancer treatment facilities, tumour board evaluation to chart out custom made treatment plan as per international treatment protocol, positive attitude of the treating team and timely follow ups have not only made cancer treatment affordable, it has also improved the survival rates and quality of life, says Dr . S. Khanna, Executive Director of India's first and only NABH accredited cancer hospital, Dharamshila Hospital And Research Centre.

Dharamshila Hospital's initiatives for making cancer treatment affordable include, free cancer screening for people above the age of 40years for early diagnosis; adequate use of third generation radiation technologies; unmatched professional skills; drugs and disposables to achieve optimal treatment outcomes; subsidies on treatment to weaker sections of the society and free treatment to curable indigent patients.

Insurance companies, PSUs, Corporates, Govt health schemes can save hundreds of cores of rupees being spent on treatment of late stages of cancers by making annual cancer screening mandatory for all their beneficiaries and promoting early cancer detection. This will also help in saving 15. 5 precious lives being lost to cancers annually in India. Under National Cancer Control Programme, cancer awareness campaigns should be intensified and all doctors working in Govt. dispensaries, primary health centres and district hospitals should be trained for early detection of cancer to make cancer treatment affordable.

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