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Different SLR Camera / DSLR and Pocket

Different SLR Camera / DSLR and Pocket

You know, what is the difference between SLR camera / DSLR with a pocket camera? The following information may be members.

Lend Single Reflex camera (SLR) and Lend Digital Single Reflex (DSLR):

1. DSLR and SLR cameras which only differ in the system works.
2. What You See is What You Get, means that what you see will be the same as the original.
3. SLR (single-lens reflex) or single-lens reflex camera? is a system that uses a camera lens lineup single lane to pass the light beam toward two places, the Focal Plane and viewfinder, allowing the photographer to be able to see objects through the exact same camera as the picture.
4. SLR cameras use pentaprisma placed on the optical path through the lens to the film plate. Incoming light then reflected upward by the mirror reflectivity and the pentaprisma. Pentaprisma then reflect the light a few times until the viewfinder. When the button is released, the glass paving the way for the light so that the light can be directly on the film.
5. In the SLR data storage media images stored on film 35MM (analog) is not necessary process of digitization, data compression so that the image can be directly seen the results on the film. When you want to process images more roll of film this is taken to wash lab prints.
6. DSLR cameras are digital cameras that use a mechanical mirror system and pentaprisma transform and direct the light from the lens to the optical viewfinder on the camera).
7. DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) working with a full digital system since then capture images of objects by Image Sensor up to the writing on the memory card. Because it's on a DSLR there are more buttons than the SLR as option ISO, White Balance, Preset Scenes, Resolution and others, and the most difference is the availability of memory slots that sometimes more than one.
8. Camera SLR / DSLR is usually used by professional photographers.
9. Camera SLR / DSLR is more expensive than the price of a pocket camera.

Pocket camera / pocket:

1. The camera is a pocket-sized camera that can be taken anywhere with the small size that can fit into pockets.
2. Now many compact cameras are digital type.
3. Pocket camera: what you see is not necessarily the result is the same as the original.
4. View can be seen in the viewfinder is different from what was captured on film, because this type of camera using multiple lenses range, 1 to skip the light beam to the viewfinder, and a range of other lenses to pass the light beam to the Focal Plane.

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